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X-force Civil 3D 2016 Key ~UPD~

The Leadership Conference is a coalition charged by its diverse membership of more than 200 national organizations to promote and protect the rights of all persons in the United States. Media diversity has long been a top priority of The Leadership Conference and our members because we understand that meaningful protection of civil rights and advancement of key policy objectives rely in great measure on an accurate, independent, and diverse media that serves our constituencies. The most recent data released by the Commission demonstrate the continued severe underrepresentation of women and people of color in broadcasting:

X-force Civil 3D 2016 Key

United States v. Simpson, 796 F.3d 548 (5th Cir. 2015), cert. denied, 136 S. Ct. 920 (2016)........................ 24-25United States v. Stephens, 717 F.3d 440 (5th Cir.), cert. denied, 134 S. Ct. 459 (2013)....................................... 28-29

Not only did Bergeron engage in multiple excessive force violations and create multiple false reports, but he also lied on several occasions about his unlawful conduct. ROA.913. He admitted that he lied to federal agents who were investigating the IPSO abuses. ROA.913; ROA.920. And he conspired with two fellow officers, Jason Comeaux and Lassalle, to create a false story about the April 29, 2011, assaults. ROA.914; ROA.921; see also ROA.461-463. After creating this false story, Bergeron lied during a deposition in a civil case brought by Daye. ROA.915; ROA.920. Finally, Bergeron stole money from arrestees and used it for personal purposes in violation of applicable policies. ROA.929.

Bergeron waived indictment and was charged via bill of information on February 23, 2016. ROA.8-10. That same day, he pleaded guilty to one felony count of violating 18 U.S.C. 242, which prohibits willful deprivation of constitutional rights under color of law. ROA.72-80. As part of his guilty plea, Bergeron acknowledged that the maximum sentence for his Section 242 conviction

reasonableness. Not only does Bergeron ask this Court to reweigh factors in contravention of applicable law, he also downplays his significant wrongdoing, which involved assaulting multiple arrestees and inmates, filing false reports to cover up these abuses, and lying to federal criminal investigators and in a civil deposition regarding these uses of excessive force. A 48-month sentence for this extensive misconduct is reasonable.

Eric Cochran, associate professor of chemical and biological engineering, and Chris Williams, the Gerald and Audrey Olson Professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering, have been working together since 2010 to develop bio-polymers with soybean oil. 076b4e4f54


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